Our Junior Board

The Crisis Center Junior Board is composed of volunteers and community members.

The Junior Board is responsible for volunteer issues and fundraising.

The composition of the current Crisis Center Junior Board is shown below:

  • Sabrina Balch, Volunteer Appreciation Chair
  • Holly Banning
  • Candace Bivens
  • Bradford Botes, Vice President
  • Patrick Evans, Volunteer Appreciation Chair
  • Caroline Fuerniss, Finance Chair and President Ex-Officio
  • Grace Harrelson
  • Lindsey Moore
  • Amber Payne, Membership Chair
  • Leslie Riley, Secretary
  • Robert Rumph, President
  • Andrew Sparks
  • Will Terry
  • Lee Thrash
  • Kiera Walker
  • Mary Zeigler, Scholarship Chair

If you are interested in joining the Crisis Center Junior Board, please complete the survey below and send at least one letter of reference to Rhiannon Reese at rreese@crisiscenterbham.org.

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