Our Board

The Crisis Center is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of volunteers who are elected by the Board and serve a three-year term. Board members may be re-elected for additional three year terms

The Board is responsible for overall policy-making, financial planning, fundraising, and overall supervision of programs, services and personnel

The composition of the current Crisis Center board is shown below:

  • Mary Sue Baldwin
  • David Bernard, M.D., President
  • Brad Botes
  • Dan Carsen
  • Robert Crenshaw
  • Caroline Fuerniss
  • Susan Haynes
  • Kara Huls, M.D.
  • Derek Johnson
  • Brian Kelleher
  • Gayle Lantz, Vice President
  • Ellen Michael, Secretary
  • Dan Monroe
  • Howard Mullis, Treasurer
  • Julie Myers
  • Soody Nelson
  • Pete Partin
  • Taylor Peake
  • Robert Rumph
  • Portia Williams
  • Meg McGlamery, Executive Director

Craig Brady, Emeritus
Sandra Craft, Emeritus
Dr. Joseph Dean, Jr., Emeritus
Alexandria Parrish, Emeritus
Judie Vinzant, Emeritus
Ronald J. Williams, Emeritus
Dr. Dale Wisely, Emeritus
Stacy Waldrep Miner, Emeritus