Friends of the Crisis Center


Every day, we hear their story. People in our community are hurting right now. They feel alone, isolated, afraid. They’ve experienced untold violence and trauma.

Nobody cares. Or so they think…

They feel that nobody cares for them, that they don’t have any more options, and they will never get the help they need – until they make that connection to someone at the Crisis Center. We know that just one conversation can change someone’s entire day, setting them on a new course, bringing hope and healing for even the deepest wounds.

The darkest hour may happen at any time.

That means we will never turn a person in need of help away. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can only do this because people like you make this possible.

The Crisis Center is committed to being there when there’s nowhere else to turn.

Through services of Crisis Intervention & Prevention, Sexual Assault Support, Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, we help those facing a personal crisis find the path to hope and healing. For the Crisis Center, being a Friend means helping to connect those in need with the services that will help them move forward.

Together with our Friends, we can help change the future.

You can be that Friend by committing $75 to the Crisis Center today. Your $75 could mean the difference between hope and hopelessness to someone who is facing the worst moment of their life. Thank you for being someone we can turn to in our hour of need. Your support means everything to those we serve who are in crisis. We look forward to all the great work we can do together.

Thank you for being someone we can turn to in our hour of need. Your support means everything to the Crisis Center. We look forward to all the great work we can do together. 

CLICK HERE to become our friend and start helping an individual in crisis right now.

If you're one of the first 1000 Friends to donate $75 to this campaign, you can be entered to win one of four fabulous prizes, including a 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5! We only take *1000 entries for these prizes, which means your chance of winning is pretty great! To enter, simply check the box that lets us know you'd like a chance.

* One entry per $75 donation. There is no limit on entries per individual. 

Email or call 205-458-8995 for more information about this year's campaign.

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