Goals and Objectives


Assist people with mental illness in leading more productive and autonomous lifestyles, and to promote mental health through service, advocacy, and education.


  1. Services will be based on sound therapeutic knowledge and individualized to the specific needs and desires of the consumers and their families.
  2. Services will promote consumer and family participation.
  3. All service functions will be founded on treating consumers with respect and dignity.
  4. Staff will receive on-going professional training so as to maintain up-to-date skills in the treatment interventions that have been shown to be effective in promoting the recovery of consumers.
  5. Staff members will be an integral part in assuring the quality of all direct and indirect services and will take part in the improvement of services through participation in work/project teams.

Maintain financial performance necessary for the continuing provision of quality services.


  1. Assure that direct service quotas are met.
  2. Reduce disruption of services and expenses associated with staff turnover through the use of appropriate hiring, supervision and on-going inservice training.

Strive to assure that consumers receive services that are individualized, rehabilitative in nature and strength-based.


  1. Attempt to maintain consumer participation rate in the Day Program to enhance consumer goal attainment.
  2. Work closely with catchment area boarding home operators to identify consumer needs, facilitate rehabilitative goals / plans of care.
  3. Cooperate with other mental health providers in planning for the development of additional service opportunities to meet consumer needs.

Seek additional federal, state and local funding to support the expansion of services to individuals served by Mental Health Association of Central Alabama.


  1. Apply for grants as appropriate in order to provide services for our consumers.
  2. Apply for federal service grants as appropriate to support the expansion of services.
  3. Market our program to local elected officials in order to obtain additional local funding for programs.
  4. Market services to those local agencies that serve individuals that receive services from the public service provider network.

Scope of Services Provided by the Mental Health Association of Central Alabama

Services are provided to adults who suffer from serious mental illnesses. The Mental Health Association strives to provide high quality services in the least restrictive setting necessary and appropriate to ensure safety and an optimum outcome for each service consumer.