Who will you share my information with, and what if someone calls and wants a copy of my assessment or any other information I’ve shared?

Information can only be shared with your permission. The Recovery Resource Center staff will discuss the confidentiality of your conversation and answer any questions. If you want to share the information, a release form will be completed to provide details of what information is shared and who it is shared with.

Will I be drug tested?

No, you will not be drug tested at the Information Center.

Will I be required to go into treatment if I come in and get an assessment?

Visiting the Recovery Resource Center does not obligate you to go into treatment or even to get an assessment. There are actually no obligations at all. We just want to answer your questions and offer support.

What if I disagree with the treatment recommendation but still want help?

The counselor will discuss the treatment recommendation and your concerns. We will listen and help develop the best plan of action.

Can I come in to talk to someone about how to help a family member of mine who is addicted?

Yes. We are open to assisting you or someone close who may need help.

Can I come to the center if I live outside of Jefferson County?


I’m not ready for treatment. Can I still come in and get a Naloxone kit?


What is your approach to recovery?

At the Recovery Resource Center, we believe there are many paths to recovery. For some individuals that may include abstinence-based programs. For others, it may mean Medication Assisted Treatment. We encourage all clients to explore options appropriate for them, including various support groups such as 12-Step programs, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery. Recovery is not "one size fits all," so we want to support individuals as they forge their own recovery paths.

Sources: National Institute on Drug Abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous


This program is made possible in part by the support of the Jefferson County Public Health Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.